ZAP Project is Blooming

ZAP Project came to present at the first international Belarus Blockchain Conference on November 2017 in Minsk, Belarus where ZAP team made a big splash, turned many heads, and raised many more curious brows. Remarkable and historic Decree on Development of Digital Economy in Belarus entered into force on March 28, 2018. Belarus’ Digital Economy Decree call was heard around the world.

All of us at the Belarus Blockchain Center have ears pressed firmly against the innovation ground’s heartbeat and we are pleased to have come to realization that this beating heart’s pulse is unstopable. Satoshi near and far teams like are all cylinders, gate and stride.

Turning to another outstanding and shining example –  ZAP Project. ZAP team is busy doing, doing, doing, doing, or buidling, and buidling, and doing, doing and getting groundbreaking things done.

The Zap SDK

Zapjs, the suite of nodejs packages for interacting with Zap’s smart contracts, has been patched to work with the latest Web3.js update which introduced breaking changes. Please update your Zapjs npm modules in order to receive this important update.

Web Admin/CLI Admin/Zap Oracle Template Suite

These packages create a user interface and provides all-in-one tools to develop around the Zap contracts. These are functional and currently available to developers for use, meeting the timeline set out in our roadmap. Our developers are simply fine tuning these viable products.

Check them out here-

Web Admin:
CLI Admin:
Zap Oracle Template Suite:

Zap Truffle Template

The new Zap Truffle template is now available!

These templates enable the development of contracts that can directly and efficiently interact with Zap contracts.

View the GitHub here:

Bug Bounties

The first round of Bug Bounties for our Zap-Ethereum-API are now available to developers through November 21!

It’s important to remember that in order to receive the reward, bugs must first be disclosed to the Zap team in order to allow us time to fix the error.

For more details on the rules, bounties, reporting, and rewards, follow this link: or email

Reminder: MyOracleWallet/OracleMarketCap

Oracle Market Cap functions as a way to view, at a glance, the most popular oracles created with Zap’s bonding curve toolkit. Currently a development build is live on the Kovan test network and requires that the user has MetaMask running in their browser (set to Kovan).

We envision that will help increase visibility into the economics of delivering reliable truthful data to smart contracts and inspire more data providers to begin creating Zap oracles and smart contract developers to build their products using data delivered by Zap oracles.

MyOracleWallet is an ETH/ZAP web wallet and oracle portfolio, allowing users to browse, bond and redeem from available oracle endpoints. The code draws heavily from the work that was done on the Zap chrome extension, but runs entirely in the browser and does not require the user to install metamask or another web3 provider. Currently it is running on the Kovan test network, like OracleMarketCap, and is intended to make it easy to use/test out the Zap oracles platform as quickly as possible with minimal setup.

Zap Android: Final Testing

Zap’s Android Mobile app has entered the final testing stage and we expect to be able to release it to the public soon!

There is a detailed overview of the app in the August update, but as a reminder, the Zap Mobile app has the following features:

– Create an Ethereum account with a mnemonic phrase recovery seed
– send/receive Ether
– Create, edit and save smart contracts on devices, and
– Compile, deploy, and interact with smart contracts right from your local device.

Zap Nice!